Print Design Podcast

Print Design Podcast

Hosted by: Dave Hopkins

Welcome to the Print Design Podcast. The show were we talk all things print and packaging. We go behind the scenes with graphic designers and talk about the print projects they designed and produced that really rocked...

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Episode 44 - Nick Van Der Walle - Astute Graphics

This weeks guest is Nick Van Der Walle. He is the Founder and CEO of Astute Graphics. Astute Graphics has been putting out incredibly helpful and time-saving plugins for Adobe Illustrator for more than 20 years! This...
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Episode 43 - Answer MotoCross Catalogue - Jay Ferracane / AngryBovine

This weeks guest is Jay Ferracane. He is the talented graphic designer behind angrybovine and the awesome print project we are talking abou tin this episode.The episode is a deep dive into the Answer MotoCross...
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Episode 42 - 3 reasons print design is increasingly important

In this episode, I share 3 reasons print and print design is more and more important. I share with you why people are literally craving printed experiences!It could be direct mail, a great branded lookbook, great...
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Episode 41 - Before you send that label file for print....

So your customer has approved your label design, amazing! Now you have to send it in for print. Do you know what to check for before sending that file to the printer? In this solo episode, Dave talks about the things...
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Episode 40 - Publication / Editorial Design - Simon McGowan - Glasgow, Scotland

This weeks guest is Simon McGowan. He is the Head of Design with Wolfson Brands and Muscle + Health Magazine based out of Glasgow, Scotland. This episode is a deep dive into editorial and publication design for the...
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Episode 39 - Book Design with Jazmin Welch from Fleck Creative

This week we are talking about Book Design with Jazmin Welch from Fleck Creative out of Toronto ON. During this episode we deep dive into two different book design and print projects that Jazmin helped bring to life,...
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Episode 38 - All about Pantone with Lou Presia, Sr. Product Manager of Graphics

This weeks guest is Lou Prestia. he is the Sr. Product Manager of Pantone Graphics. This episode is a dive into the world of Pantone. A bit of history as well as a look inside what it takes to create the Pantone...
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Episode 37 - LAD Design - Lawrence Azerrad - Ode to Joy Album Design

Episode #37

My guest on this episode is Lawrence Azerrad. He is the Found and Principle at LAD Design Studio based out of LA. LAD Design specializes in working with Musicians, Cultural Institutions, and Enterprises looking to...
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Episode 36 - Brethren Design Co. - Craft Beer Labels

Episode #36

This weeks guests are Jordan and Jeremy from Brethren Design Co. They have been cranking out awesome design work for NFL Athletes, Cannabis Products, Breweries, and even Guy Fieri!But this episode we are diving into...
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Episode 35 - Craft Beer Label Design - Matt Kump - Vancouver BC.

Episode #35

This weeks guest is Matt Kump. He is a talented Graphic Designer serving the Craft Beer Industry in Vancouver BC. @itskumpy There are not many projects that can offer the pure creative freedom that comes with...
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Episode 34 - Jackson Robinson - Kings Wild Project - Worlds most luxurious playing cards

Episode #34

This weeks guest is Jackson Robinson. He is the Illustrator and Creative behind Kings Wild Project. Makers of the worlds most luxurious playing cards. This is such a great episode where we get right into where the...
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Episode 33 - Todd Bennett - Offset Print - Man Behind the Maps Book

Episode #33

This weeks guest is Todd Bennett. He is the co-founder of Open Road Ski company who is the publishers of this incredible book. The story goes a little bit like this.... Todd was checking out some ski mountains a few...
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