Print Design Podcast

Print Design Podcast

Hosted by: Dave Hopkins

Welcome to the Print Design Podcast. The show were we talk all things print and packaging. We go behind the scenes with graphic designers and talk about the print projects they designed and produced that really rocked...

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Episode 32 - Ben Barry - Graphic Designer - Airbnb Book

Episode #32

This weeks guest is Ben Barry. He is a freelance Visual Designer currently in Portland OR. Ben was also one of the first Communication Designers to join Facebook in the early days and is the Co-Founder of Facebooks...
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Episode 031 - Mike Nicholls - Publication with Purpose - Founder of UMBER - Illustrator - Artist

Episode #31

This weeks guest is Mike Nicholls. He is an illustrator, artist, and the Founder of a publication with purpose called UMBER. @thisisumberIn this episode we talk about the story of how Mike moved to Switzerland because...
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Episode 030 - Chocolate Box Design - Mike Guite - Ultra Creative - Minneapolis MN.

Episode #30

This weeks guest is Mike Guite. He is a Graphic Designer working at Ultra Creative out of Minneapolis MN. I have now had 5 designers from the talented team at Ultra Creative and the packaging work that comes out of...
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Episode 029 - Spirit Label Design with Chris Porter - Creative Punch Marketing Group. Memphis TN.

Episode #29

This week we are talking Spirit Label Design with Chris Porter from Creative Punch Marketing Group out of Memphis TN. We do a deep dive into the Rye and Bourbon labels his team rebranded and produced new labels for....
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Episode 028 - Macaroni Creative - New York - Packaging.

Episode #28

This weeks guests are Mackenzie and Ron from Macaroni Creative out of Queens, NY. In this episode we are deep-diving into the pouch packaging for Bare Bones Bone Broth. Ron and Mackenzie tell us about how this...
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Episode 027 - Craft Beer Labels and Shrink Sleeves

Episode #27

This week it's a solo episode and I'm talking Craft Beer Labels and Shrink Sleeves. I'm sharing the different types of print for labels and shrink sleeves, talking bottle decoration beyond just the label or shrink...
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Episode 26 - Two Times Elliott - Nono Courtois - Smoked Books and Deodorant Packaging.

Episode #26

This weeks guest is Noemie (Nono) Courtois who is a Graphic Designer and Head of Experimentation at Two Times Elliott out of London England. Nono shares some great stories with us during this episode. We kick it off...
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Episode 025 - Tim Belonax - Design Director at Pinterest - San Francisco CA

Episode #25

This weeks guest is Tim Belonax. He is the Design Director at Pinterest and loves making things. He Tim has also been a part of printing and making things at Facebook and Airbnb. Just because these are tech companies...
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Designer Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Print Edition - Ho Ho Ho!

Thats's that time again. The 2020 Graphic Designer Gift Guide - Print Edition. A little something for that designer who really appreciates print, who wants to get started with print design. First up, a...
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Episode 024 - Pink Bike Ralph - Screen Printing for Mumford & Sons + Tom Segura.

Episode #24

This weeks guest is Pink Bike Ralph. He is a talented screenprinter from Philly and a gem of a story teller. A heads up for ya'll....this episode has some explicit content, but it's also a riot, so get in there. In...
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Episode 23 - Alabaster Co - Brian Chung and Bryan Ye-Chung - Offset Book Printing.

Episode #23

This weeks guest is Brian Chung and Bryan Ye-Chung from Alabaster Co. They explore the intersection of creativity, beauty, and faith and started that journey with The Bible Beautiful project. During this episode we...
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Episode 022 - Emma Fanning - Top 3 ways to 'greenify' your print design.

Episode #22

Today's guest is Emma Fanning from Little Fox Design Studio out of Victoria BC. Emma runs Little Fox as a design studio that focuses on environmentally friendly design. That includes decisions made when planning and...
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