Episode 77 - Tony - Industry Print Shop

My guest on this episode is Tony Diaz from Industry Print Shop out of Austin Texas. If you haven't heard of Industry, where have you been!? I call this episode, story time with Tony. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • how Industry started and came to be.
  • how he became "The Merch Guy"
  • some of the important projects that helped Industry grow.
  • Flatstock at SXSW and what it meant for Tony.
  • a workshop at Nike HQ.
  • print projects that went sideways and what happened.
  • projects that Tony is the most proud of.
  • the transition from doing the printing to a business owner leadership role.
  • tough times in the history of Industry.
  • what is really fulfilling for Tony in this stage of his life.
  • and soo soo much more. 

Tony is an awesome human and is full of stories that help you to learn from his mistakes, successes, and experiences. You can really feel the genuine joy from him coaching creatives through stories and community. 


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