Episode 78 - Diego Marini - Yummy Colours - Statue of Liberty + Sophy Holland Books

This week's guest is Diego Marini. He is a Co-Founder, Creative Director, and Designer from Yummy Colours out of New York. Although he is located in Copenhagen. 

Diego loves books. To put it lightly. During client meetings, he's been known to ask "Can't we do a book"? And with a drive like that, he has had the opportunity to help bring some absolute gems to life. 

In this episode, we dive into the design, creative direction, and behind-the-scenes production of two beautiful coffee table books. One for Sophy Holland, and the other for the Statue of Liberty. Be sure to check the links below to have a peek. 

The Yummy Colours team continues to put together amazing print pieces that help bring their client's goals and visions to life. Legends over there. 

Another gem of an episode for the designers and print lovers out there. Check out all the links below!!

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