Episode 69 - Julie Brannen - Monadnock Paper

This week's guest is Julie Brannen, she is the Director of Sustainability at Monadnock Paper out of New Hampshire. Monadnock is all about Sustainability in the manufacturing of their uncoated papers. @monadnock_paper

They also just released a new swatch book for their Astrolite PC 100 papers. Which you guessed...are 100% Post Consumer recycled.

During this episode, we also talk about Julie's unique path to the Paper and print world. She shares some interesting stuff on Gatorade Marketing Printed Collateral, working with global shoe brands, and the story of the Monadnock paper mill.

If you are into paper, this episode is for you. If you aren't into paper, you really should be, and this episode is still for you.


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