Episode 76 - Connie Lui - Yummy Colours - Concept of the Year

This week's guest is Connie Lui. She is a Partner, Creative Director, and Designer from Yummy Colours out of New York. 

I saw an Instagram post that Yummy Colours shared featuring their most recent Concept of the Year print piece, Dear Future. Turns out it was their third year in a row producing the Contept of the Year projects. And we get to hear stories about how all three projects were brought to life. 

From the first Issue and why they decided to bring it to life, the second issue and stories of incredible collaboration at scale, to the most recent issue and how the multi-layer unique effects came to life!

Another gem of an episode for the designers and print lovers out there. Check out all the links below!!


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Yummy Colours Instagram: CLICK HERE

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