Episode 71 - Dan Gretta - Cigar Bands + Packaging - Dapper Cigars

This week's guest is Dan Gretta. He is a designer and illustrator who has been putting out incredibly detailed work for Cigar Bands, Cigar Packaging, high-end spirits, and more.

During this episode we are doing a deep dive into his work for Dapper Cigars which includes cigar bands, packaging, and cigar branding.

I dabble in the Cigar world and I have always loved the intricate designs of the printed cigar bands and all cigar packaging. It really enhances the whole Cigar experience. So I was so excited to connect with Dan and learn more about this Cigar packaging world, and bring that information to you!

Dan is a great guy to talk to and I know you will enjoy this chat! Oh, we also talk about X-Men action figures. @dangrettadesign


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