Episode 59 - Britt Cobb - Pentagram - FBI Guide to Internet Slang

My guest this week is Britt Cobb from Pentagram in NYC. During this episode, we talk about his journey to working at Pentagram and how it all went down near the end of his internship there, as well as some early print and packaging memories. 

The print project we are doing a deep dive into in this episode is the FBI Guide to Internet Slang. There is a real document out there that was put out by the FBI, but this isn't that document. This is the Pentagram take or spin on that document. And I'm sure you will agree, it looks way better than something that came out of the FBI. 

Britt shares with us the story behind the idea, how that idea became a design, and that design became a real thing that was sent out in the world! Really enoyed chatting with Britt and I know you will like this conversation. 


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