Episode 64 - Riso Print with Lyndsey from Risolve Press

My guest on this episode is Lyndsey Burke from Risolve Press @risolve. A wicked Riso Print Studio out of Lancaster PA.

I didn't know very much about Riso print until about a year ago. Since then I've been learning all that I can and this episode was awesome for that. 

We talk about Riso Print, the dice-roll story of Risolve Press, and we dive into a couple of awesome riso print projects.

If you are new to Riso, or just a huge fan of print, you are really going to love this chat. 


Risolve Press Website
Risolve Press Instagram
Vans x Record Store Print - Designed by Jordi Ng @whoremone
Smokers Section Book Print - Designed by Paul Haggerty @paul_haggerty