Episode 63 - Lisa Champ - UntitledEra - F1 Miami Drive Coffee Packaging

My guest on this episode is Lisa Champ. She is the cofounder of UntitledEra and also known on Instagram as @redhalftone.

In this episode we are doing a deep dive into some limited edition packaging they designed for Drive Coffee and F1 Miami. Drive Coffee is the official coffee of F1. Pretty awesome.

Lisa tells us about the idea, design process, and production of this project.

If you don't follow F1 racing, the Miami circuit was new this year, so it's kind of a big deal. The packaging that they designed for this F1 Miami Coffee Collection is VERY Miami feeling, also automotive feeling, and is just rad!

We also talk about Microsoft Zoom packaging, N64 Packaging, and our favorite N64 games. Waverace, 1080 Snowboarding? If you know you know.

This was a great conversation with part of a very talented UntitledEra Team!


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