Episode 273 - Abi Connick - Brand Designer + Design Content Creator

My guest this week is Abi Connick. She is a Brand Designer and a Design Content Creator based in the UK. She has an incredible YouTube channel delivering tonnes of value to Designers. Check the link below. 

During this episode, we talk about how she was laid off early during Covid, what that meant for her, and the trajectory it put her on. 

We also talk about understanding social media and content creation and what it can do for your design business. Abi then shares how she has been struggling with imposter syndrome lately, what is causing it, and what she is doing to work through it. 

Plus so many more stories about her design career and her growth on YouTube and social media. 

This was a rad conversation especially for me because Abi was one of the first YouTube design content creators that I watched and was inspired by before starting our Print Design Academy channel. 


Abi Connick YouTube: CLICK HERE
Abi Connick Website: CLICK HERE
Abi Connick Instagram: CLICK HERE


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