Episode 272 - Tim O'Connor - Graphic Designer - The Last Drop Clothing Co.

My guest this week is Tim O'Connor. He is the Graphic Designer at ChaosInked and the owner and Graphic Designer behind The Last Drop. A clothing company supporting people recovering from addiction. 

During this episode, we get into Tim's story of struggling with addiction and how it affected his career, how meeting Aaron Draplin really inspired him, and why he started The Last Drop. 

We also talk about how impactful networking and events are for your career, and our experience at Into the Woods put on by Lincoln Design Co. Tim then shares a story about a project where he had to change the color of a Tube in 100's of photos in a catalog. 

Tim also just started a podcast interviewing business owners living a sober lifestyle called The Last Drop Business Podcast, find it at the link below. 

A great, really honest conversation that I know you will enjoy. 


The Last Drop Clothing Website: CLICK HERE
Tim Instagram: CLICK HERE
The Last Drop Podcast: CLICK HERE


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