Episode 49 - Smithsonian Annual Report - Jason Mannix - Polygraph

This week we are diving into an amazing Annual Report! My guest for this episode is Jason Mannix from Polygraph out of Washington DC. Jason is one of the first guests that I contacted who was recognized for their great design work in a recent issue of Communication Arts Design Annual.

The project that Polygraph was recognized for was the Smithsonian Annual Report. With an Institute like the Smithsonian with so much history and knowledge, how do you select what you showcase or highlight? Jason shares that with us in this episode.

We also talk about another great print project for the Paper and Packaging Board where they use paper and packaging to talk about the Paper and Packaging board...very meta right? @polygraphcreative @sappinorthamerica 

Project Print Specs:


74 Pages + Covers
8.75" x 12.375"

100# Sappi McCoy Silk Cover
4/4 CMYK
Blind Emboss + Spot Varnish

Frontmatter Pages
100# Sappi McCoy Silk Text
4/4 CMYK

Backmatter Pages
100# Uncoated Text
4/4 CMYK


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