Episode 34 - Jackson Robinson - Kings Wild Project - Worlds most luxurious playing cards

Episode #34

This weeks guest is Jackson Robinson. He is the Illustrator and Creative behind Kings Wild Project. Makers of the worlds most luxurious playing cards.

This is such a great episode where we get right into where the Kings Wild Project started and the shocking moment that led to a path change for him.

We talk about retro lego box designs including one that was such an impactful experience for Jackson that he went looking for a box to go with the lego set as an adult.

Jackson also shares with us some of the pitfalls with creating large amounts of print, mistakes and reprints. Specifically a Sherlock Holmes-style deck of cards that ended up being a $16,000 reprint. Ouch.

Then we get into the magic of creating their best-selling deck of cards. The jaw-dropping Legal Tender V2 deck that includes superfine holographic foil details to make this deck just stand out like mad!

You can see the incredible card decks they are creating at KingsWildProject and you can watch his live stream most mornings around 5:30am EST on his Instagram @kingswildproject

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