Episode 53 - Mike Klok - @stuffedbrain - Client Gift Box

I often say this about print, it has staying power. It has the ability to create a very memorable experience for the person who receives it or is looking through it. And the project we are talking about in this episode, definitely accomplished that. 

My guest on this episode is Mike Klok, but you might know his as @stuffedbrain on Instagram. We are doing a deep dive into the client gift box that he created and sent out. Let me tell you, this think looks awesome, and was created for much less $$ than you think. 

That is the other exciting thing about print. There are ways to make it really special, and not cost a pile of money. Mike nailed this!

We also get into his earliest memory of print and the first ever project that he designed and printed. Oh, and a 3D craft beer label, complete with 3D goggles. 

Mike is an awesome guy and I really enjoyed our conversation. I know you will to. 


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