Episode 43 - Answer MotoCross Catalogue - Jay Ferracane / AngryBovine

This weeks guest is Jay Ferracane. He is the talented graphic designer behind angrybovine and the awesome print project we are talking abou tin this episode.

The episode is a deep dive into the Answer MotoCross Catalogue. We talk about how this project came to be, and some of the roadblocks they faced bringing it to life through the pandemic in 2020. It involved a number of different photographers around the US creating photo assets for products and active shots. 

We also talk about awesome action figure packaging we remember from our younger years and Jay's first print design project which resulted in a reprint. Learning right? 

You can check out Jay on Instagram here @angrybovine

YOUTUBE: Click HERE Print Design Academy

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A checklist to help you properly export your files for print.