Episode 32 - Ben Barry - Graphic Designer - Airbnb Book

Episode #32

This weeks guest is Ben Barry. He is a freelance Visual Designer currently in Portland OR. Ben was also one of the first Communication Designers to join Facebook in the early days and is the Co-Founder of Facebooks Analog Research Lab.

During this episode we do a deep dive into two book projects. The first one is a different perspective on a book I talked about back in Episode 25 with Tim Belonax. This booklet had a tight timeline, a team working on it, and loads of special print effects.

The second project we talk about is for Airbnb about a very special home in Japan.  The Yoshino Cedar House. Much like the home in which it is about, the booklet was very well thought out, put together over a longer period of time, and uses incredible materials.

This is a great conversation between two huge fans of print and the experiences you can create with the print medium. 

To learn more about Ben Barry you can find him on Instagram @benbarry, or at his website. BenBarry.com


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