Episode 33 - Todd Bennett - Offset Print - Man Behind the Maps Book

Episode #33

This weeks guest is Todd Bennett. He is the co-founder of Open Road Ski company who is the publishers of this incredible book.

The story goes a little bit like this.... Todd was checking out some ski mountains a few years ago and noticed something. Nearly every ski mountain map he has seen looks very similar, they must be all by the same person.

Well, a little bit of digging later and he found out that a gentleman by the name of James Niehues was the illustrator and artist behind hundreds of them across North America and beyond and his story has never been told!

That was the mission. Todd shares with us how the book came to be, how the Kickstarter project exceeded all expectations, how they found a printer in Italy to tackle this monster project and all the details in between! Even the gut punches of worry and stress along the way.

This is a great story about how great work is put together and put out in the world for all to enjoy and what it takes from idea to physical product!

Check out the book at openroadski.com


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