$47.00 USD

Print-Ready Files Mini Course

Stop second-guessing if you’re exporting your files correctly. 

Is your printer excited to hear from you? 

Do you even know how bad your files are? 

Avoid those costly proofing mistakes…

And instead…

Join this mini-course and we’ll show you how to produce print-ready files every time, including tools and checklists that you can use for all your future print jobs too. 


✅  the top 5 things you need to correct in your file before exporting.

✅  the most important print terms that you need to know to sound like a pro when talking to printers.

✅  how you can actually save time and money knowing how to export your files properly.

✅  how to become the rockstar designer client that printers only dream of!

✅  learn when you want to use InDesign for your print layout, and when Illustrator takes over. 

✅  what happens to your files when the wizards in the secret pre-press room get ahold of them.

✅  how to avoid costly mistakes during proofing with printers. 

✅  learn the “somewhat hidden” print production features of Adobe Acrobat and how they can help you.